We are designing the UX Academy. Which fuckups are behind us and how did they help us?

At 2FRESH we try to do everything according to our mission: To teach companies to be aware of people. However, until now we accomplished that only by either utilizing cooperation with clients or through spreading articles full of our mindset on the internet. What else can we do? There is bigger demand than supply of quality designers and on top of that companies feel the need to educate their employees. Therefore, we are going to focus on education more intensively and we are launching our pilot project — 2FRESH Academy.

This may sound naive, maybe you are wondering why we would want to train our competitors. But we simply believe that sharing experience can positively influence those who work in the same field and who we will collaborate with and discuss with in a better way. In other words we would like to raise the level of digital scene worldwide higher and higher.

The idea was really amazing. We will find three students who will spend three full months in our agency, will work with us on real projects and will be infected with our way of thinking. At the end there will be three junior UX designers to whom we would like to give a job at 2FRESH right away.

Even though you can feel the authentic atmosphere from the 2FRESH office, it is not enough just to sit here and hope that you will become a designer. But we have to admit this would have probably happened in case we would have started the Academy in the beginning of October as planned.

However, research concerning the content of the Academy opened the problem of intensity, its programme or financing again. In addition to this, an internal feedback revealed one of our biggest weaknesses — time. Are we able to give the attention to full-time students and to the preparation of the Academy while we are busy with projects? We were persuaded to change the design of the Academy. How exactly?

Just on the basis of real needs of students, fresh absolvents, freelancers or starting UX designers we are able to create something that makes sense. How much money are you willing to invest in education? What do you want to learn about? What would you like to work on? Who do you want to be led by? We need to discover these preferences, we need to know them and tailor the Academy based on our findings. We have to do it properly because our small country is still behind in education of UX designers.

If you like our idea of the 2FRESH Academy and want to be a part of its creation, please leave us your contact and we will send you a few questions, invite you to a research workshop or you can visit a testing lecture. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to meeting you on 2F Academy!

hello@2fresh.cz, www.2fresh.cz




Naším posláním je pomáhat organizacím pochopit chování lidí. Spojujeme design, byznys a marketing.

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Naším posláním je pomáhat organizacím pochopit chování lidí. Spojujeme design, byznys a marketing.

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